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Real Estate


Explore Malibu is the Solution

Explore Malibu is your one stop shop for all things Malibu real estate.  As an affiliate of Monarch Real Estate Concierge, a full-service real estate company specializing in real estate sales and luxury vacation rentals for Malibu, California, we not only can help you find your next vacation rental or home, our concierge team will assist during your stay and while you're away, we're here to make sure everything is in order and ready for your next return or guest.

Our Philosophy:

Listening to you is the first step in the process of finding your ideal home. Each vacation guest is unique, and the Explore Malibu team specializes in tailoring each individual’s experience to his or her wants and needs.  We are accessible, approachable, honest and professional and we conduct our business with the utmost integrity.

Real Estate:

Whether you are looking for a Malibu family vacation home to enjoy for generations - or an investment property to provide a sound return, Explore Malibu’s experienced staff is here to help. Our brokers and agents comprehensively understand the Real Estate dynamic in Malibu, including the rental and investment angle. Because we maintain such the prominent vacation rental presence, we are experts in finding homes that will perform well within our rental program. Whether you are ready to buy or simply initially exploring the options in Malibu Real Estate, we will take the time with you.

Vacation Rentals:

Our rental properties are in a class of their own. We have high standards for the homes we accept into the Explore Malibu family. First and foremost, they must be special, inviting, clean, and able to exceed its guests’ expectations. Our homes range from rustic and charming to dramatic and luxurious. The Explore Malibu team is available to talk with you about which homes best meets your needs – 7 days a week, 9am-5pm. Our staff has seen each home we represent and will happily walk you through our properties or suggest personal favorites to you.  Our goal is for you to make our homes your second home.

Property Management:

Protect your Malibu investment and ensure that it’s cared for by watchful, local eyes.  Explore Malibu’s staff can assist you in maintaining and caring for your Malibu home. We know many owners of Malibu do not live locally and their busy lives prevent them from carrying out the many duties associated with maintaining their Malibu estates. We can help. Please call us to set up a custom-tailored program to meet your property management needs.

Reach out to us and let us know how we can get your journey started on enjoying the Malibu way of life!

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